Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blogging Fun!

Debbie tagged me for this fun game. The idea is to go to the sixth file in your Pictures folder, and post the sixth picture in that file. For me that was this picture of my youngest boy, Avery, on Halloween 2005 (age 9 at the time). He was (obviously?) dressed as Captain Hook. This was a hand-me-down from his eldest brother Ian, who wore the same costume about 10 or so years earlier! I wish I had that photo electronically, because you'd see how much alike these two are. We often call them Dr. Evil and Mini Me. {LOL} They are 12 years apart, which means Avery is exactly half Ian's age at the moment (12 and 24).

The best memory about this picture is that Avery won second prize in the local shopping center coloring contest that year, and received his award (a gift certificate) a few days earlier on his 9th birthday.
Avery loves to color. He often spends time with me in my craft room, stamping and coloring. He doesn't make cards (not yet anyway!), but does love my stamps and coloring with markers. I'm teaching him a bit about Copics and how to blend. The boys tease him that he's "Mommy's girl," but I tell them to be quiet (in so many words - LOL), that many great artists are men! Fortunately, Avery is not deterred. I love that he spends time with me crafting.

Okay, I believe the idea is to tag other bloggers, so I'm going to say that if you are reading this post, you are TAGGED! Please leave a comment and let me know that you've posted your picture on your blog so that I can take a look!

Well, that was a nice break from the chores of the day, especially since I've been going through mail and paying bills all morning, which is so NOT fun. But I'm done with that now and can move onto to other things. I'll be back soon with an actual card to post!

Thanks for stopping by.


Stamp and Smile said...

O'Lisa your son Avery is sooo cute! I {{LOVE}} his outfit!! This is a cool tag and something new. Avery is so nice to sit in your craft room with you and hang out together... special moments in the making! :) I must stamp now.. B/4 my eyes fall asleep! Chat again soon cyber buddy... :)

Debbie Pamment said...

Thanx soo much for playing along Lisa - this is such a cute photo - bet your son looks a little different now - they grow way too fast!

Gael said...

I love this photo, too cute! Ironically, my tag photo is also a child in a Halloween costume at the age of 9. But it was taken this past July. Come visit my blog and check it out...