Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

No, I didn't suddenly decide to take the clean and simple look to the max. LOL! This card was made by my youngest Avery (age 12) for Paul. Isn't it great? Avery did everything except cut the paper, which he picked out. That's my boy! The next Stampin Kub, perhaps?

Actually, I'm just thrilled that one of my four boys enjoys crafting as much as I do. Avery even tried his hand at a latch hook rug this past week and did a super job. He also likes to paint things, especially those wooden birdhouses you can buy at Michael's. We have several... and so do Nana Jo and Grandma E (hee hee). Anyway, I can't make too much noise about it around him or I might scare him off... goodness knows his brothers like to tease him about being "Mommy's girl." But I always tell him that many of the great artists are men. So far, so good.

I have to share the inside of the card with you as well:In this version of the image, Avery colored right onto the stamp with markers. He has the patience... and preference... for stamping this way. When he asked me which one I liked better, I suggested it's his choice as artist, but I didn't see any reason why he couldn't use both.

Anyway, when I read what he wrote, it made me smile... for two reasons. One, Paul's favorite response to everything these days is "Relax." Such as, "Paul, can you come fix the vacuum cleaner, something's wrong with it." To which he would reply, "Relax." So pretty much everything you ask him about or ask him to do elicits the same response. It used to be "whatever." We tease him about this relentlessly, of course.

The second reason is because the second "Relax" wasn't really intended to be there. Avery signed his name "Avery Hjulberg." I asked him if he thought his dad didn't know what his last name is... hahahaha... and Avery got mad and crossed it out, which made a mess. Then he got upset. Which is when I told him the tried and true remedy that all of us stampers use from time-to-time, and that is to cover up our mistakes with something else; ergo, the second "Relax."

We're having a very low key Father's Day because the US Open is on TV and so everyone is glued. I walked into the family room a few minutes ago and there they all were, in various lounging poses, on the couch: Paul, our four boys, my "fifth son" Brendan, who is Collin's best friend and practically part of the family, plus the two dogs. They all looked up at me for a moment. I had to stand there shaking my head... this is my life, people! LOL

Since the boys are occupied, I shall slip back into my craft room and prep for Stamp Club. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you all are enjoying your day!


Stamp and Smile said...

Aww, such a cute Father's Day card Avery made!! He sure is good at making cards!!! And picking his colors.... he has an eye for color like his MOM!! :)

I did latch-hook rugs when I was a little girl... so fun! And I did ton's of cross-stitching. I still have pieces I made. (Not framed yet) You sure are out numbered in the male department!! I have 2 of them... including a male dog!! Yikes... :)

Susan (coffeeforme) said...

Way to go Avery! You did a excellent job on your coloring. I'm sure that you Dad loved the card! Susan

Debbie Pamment said...

There are some VERY talented men out there - and it looks like Avery will be one of them - such potential!!
Love the way he learnt to cover up his mistake - a good lesson to learn early on - LOL
Wish my kids were more interested in giving it a go!
Lotsaluv xXx

Patti J. said...

Avery, my man, you rocked this card! I'll bet your dad was SO proud of it and of you! You are a very thoughtful young man to want to make a card yourself rather than just run out and plop $5 down for a Hallmark! I will certainly look forward to seeing more of your work! The 4th of July is coming soon! See you then??? Kudo's from Missouri!

Cindy Haffner said...

Hehehe awesome job, love the blues.

Chat Noir said...

Lisa, your boy has an eye for colour and placement. Good on him!

My one son, now 22, is a graphic artist and it makes me so proud to see his work, and then, every now and then, he asks for my help. Nice to know I'm valued (occasionally!!) for something besides my skill with the washing machine LOL

Hope his Dad loved Avery's work.

Kristine B. said...

Avery's card ROCKS!! That's sooo cool that a boy could and *would* sit down and take the time to make his dad a card. That's awesome---GOOOO AVERY!! :) Thanks for sharing that with us Lisa! You must be so proud of your young man!

Sara said...

What a great card Avery -- I'm sure your dad loved it! Thanks for sharing it with us Lisa!!!