Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lesson Learned!

Hi everyone! Just popping in for a moment to say I swapped out the pictures in my last two posts (see below). The recipe project is still much the same, but I think the picture quality is slightly better. The card project is revised... I just wasn't happy with the way it turned out the first time.

Lesson learned: when you're racing the clock, trying to catch up after being sick or out of town or otherwise diverted from crafting for awhile, DON'T rush a post, just beg off. That's what happened with my last two projects... too tired, too late, and NO MOJO!

Also, if anyone happens to know how to photograph white cards better, please share! I'm not a great photographer to begin with, and am always trying to improve my skills. I'd be grateful for any tips!

Okay, I'm off and running for the day... I'm going to nearby Ontario to check out Road to California, a ginormous quilt show. It's always a stunning feast for the eyes, and who knows what I'll come home with! (*wink*) Let me just say, fabric jazzes me up just as much as designer paper... they aren't that different!

Have a great day!


jo said...

Hi girlfriend!

So sorry for being absent with visiting and keeping up with your blog! I've been keeping an eye on it via my Google Reader but never get a chance to comment!

Love what you've been doing with your cards!

And a quilt show? Sounds like fun! I still want to learn how to sew and get into quilting too one day - but one hobby at a time, right?

Happy weekend!

Debbie Pamment said...

Oooh hope you had fun at the quilt show - one day soon I pop a couple of my quilts on my blog for your viewing pleasure - and I have a fabric stash as big as my paper stash - my poor craft room is BULGING - LOL.

NinaB said...

I loved your first card before and I love the "fixed" one, too. As far as white cards, I like to photograph them outside or with a colored background inside. Enjoy CHA and the quilt show, too!