Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Giving My Papertrey Ink Stamps Some Love!

I have come to realize that I so easily fall in love with so many different stamps (and stamp companies) that I have spread myself too thin. I know that's hard to believe... I mean, you can't be too rich, too thin, or have too many stamps, right? Nevertheless, I think I'm going to narrow it down a bit so that I can really USE the stamps that I love the most. In my very left-brained way, I even had an idea about how I'd choose 7 and assign one to each day; i.e., Monday is Stampin Up Day, Tuesday is The Greeting Farm Day, Wednesday is Papertrey Ink Day, and so on. Yeah right! Maybe when I retire and/or figure out how to go with no sleep. It's a nice thought, though.

But, as usual, I digress. My point is, I've realized how little love I've been giving my Papertrey Ink stamps. And I do LOVE PTI. It's "The Most Wonderful Time of the Month" again, and I'm already drooling over the sneak peeks and eagerly waiting for Thursday night at 9:00 pm to come!

So here's a little something I came up with using Guidelines Two and Wishing You. The possibilities with these two sets are endless! The cardstock is Hibiscus and Leaf Green. PTI carries all the coordinating colors of ribbon, and now buttons, too, which I love, love, love!

I've got to run and fold clothes so that I can put Clay's uniform in the dryer. The Poly Golf Team has advanced to the CIF Southern Sectionals. They play in Santa Barbara on Thursday (leaving tomorrow at noon for an overnighter). Yes, that's the place where all the terrible fires have been burning. I hope the air is okay by then. The fire is nearly contained. Santa Barbara is near the ocean, so it should be okay. I sure wish I could go watch him play, but "I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go." Paul will be there to cheer him on. Go Bears!

Thanks for stopping by. I love it when you do!


Debbie Pamment said...

Aaagh - I had just typed out a veritable essay to you and the computer shut down...another reason to enjoy stamping - not too many glitches!!!
Love your card - nice to see your PTI stamps at work! I still have several new stamps to ink up - my Anya's for example!! Oh when we will be able to get by without sleep - LOL.
Sorry you can't go to see Clay's golf - work really gets in the way sometimes! Shame it's a necessary evil! Hope he does well even without you there - Go Bears!!
Lotsaluv and xXx

Kristine B. said...

:) I "owe" too--and I'm at work right now as I type! LOL - too funny girl. WEll, LOVE that idea about naming one company per day of the week--that'd never happen for me as I don't get to stamp each day! But it's a great thought! :)

Gorgeous card here. LOVE the colors and the stamps are really beautiful! LOVE PTI as well and my pti stamps have been quite neglected as well. :( Poor things. My favorite I think is still my Butterflies. Well, have a great day! Hope he did well golfing!

Stamp and Smile said...

Hey my stamping bud!! WOW'ZA Lisa... this card is FABALICIOUS at every angel it takes... You know me and my cheery colors!! I LOVE the green and raspberry look and PTI ROCKS! I to would love to have other stamp lines, but I don't use what I have already!

Very YUMMY ribbon and sweet scallops to boot Lisa... YOU ROCK! How do you get the feathered edges on your photos? I haven't figured that out yet... LOL! I hope to have by Friday or before my craft room posted on my blog. Photos are downloaded and now the typing and linking!

Off to check out your NEWS!! He... Exciting! :)

LORi said...

Wow Lisa...Your cards are terrific!!! You are SUPER talented!!!!