Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Blog Award!

Wow! I am so excited to receive another blog award, this time passed along to me by Kristine (Ink Something)! She actually sent me two awards, but I'm going to pass them along one at a time,

I don't know that I deserve an award for being "kreativ," since I'm truly a left-brained person. But my fondest wish is to be more creative, so I soak up like a sponge all the great stuff I see out there in blogger world. Here are five who constantly blow me away with their creations and artistic talent:

  1. Nichole Heady - Capture the Moment
  2. Lauren Meader - My Time, My Creations, My Stampendence
  3. Lisa Johnson - Poppy Paperie
  4. Heather Nichols - pine is here
  5. Michelle Yungbauer - Stamp and Smile
Thank you, ladies, for all the wonderful inspiration and fun projects to try. Your talent is something to which I aspire!

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Stamp and Smile said...

THANKS SO MUCH LISA!!!! I’m speechless and so happy… I just popped into Google Reader and your post came up. As I was reading I saw this award being passed on to me... You deserve MANY awards girl!! You have such great ideas, style, talent and a lovely blog! I love our chats and you’re such a great friend!!!! {{Hugs}} Michelle :)