Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Introducing Ribbon Confections and Back Porch Jewels

We returned from Arizona on Monday evening, and I haven't accomplished a blessed thing since then. I think the heat zapped all of my energy! I really want to get into my craft room and work on a few challenges and play with some new goodies, but so far no luck. Hopefully soon!

Since I have none of my own creations to showcase, I thought I'd share some of my friend's. I am truly blessed with friends, and I don't mean maybe. When I use the term "BFF," I'm really just being silly. I don't think of "best" as a ranking of friendship, but rather as the quality of friendship.

One of my BFF's is Lisa, shown here with her beautiful daughters Claire and Ava.

Lisa is another crafting buddy, but of a different kind. She doesn't stamp, but instead makes the most beautiful jewelry and accessories for girls. One of her Etsy shops is called Ribbon Confections. If you have little girls in your life, you must check it out!
Lisa also makes gorgeous jewelry under the name Back Porch Jewels.I am the proud owner of several of her creations, and I get tons of compliments when I wear them. She comes up with all sorts of different styles, so check back often. You won't be disappointed. I see that right now she's experimenting with different mediums. And, by the way, I taught her to bead weave! LOL

Okay, I've gotta go and hit the sack, as my military father used to say. I will be back soon with some new cards, so stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by!

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