Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthday Party Across the Miles!

Welcome to this Fantasy Birthday Tour for sweet friend Taylor VanBruggen.  Since we couldn't all be together today to throw a party we're having a virtual Birthday Party Across the Miles and everyone is invited to come along!  And what's a fantasy party without fantasy gifts?  If money were no object, this would be my gift to you Taylor...

(In my best Bob Barker voice)... a NEW CAR!!! A mini-van to be exact! Because the mini-van years are about to start for you and Jon. ;) And, of course, the one I'm "giving" you is fully tricked out with all the ups and extras. (*big smile*) I hope you like it!

Taylor, you are such a sweet friend indeed. I've grown to love you over the years. Thanks for letting me be a part of Taylored Expressions. Thank you for being such a great friend and supporting me in my business venture. I wish you every happiness on your birthday and always!

I'm not showing my card here so it will be a surprise, but of course it's late because I'm still Last Minute Lisa! lol

You should have come here from Lynn Put's blog, but if you didn't you might want to start this Fantasy Birthday Tour at the beginning on Jami Sibley's blog.  Next up is the fabulous Lori Craig's blog.

When you're finished making the rounds, be sure to visit
Taylor's blog to wish her a happy birthday!


Monika/Buzsy said...

Awesome fantasy present Lisa! :o)

Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Oh Lisa, you crack me up! Love that Bob Barker voice!

Taylor said...

YES!! A NEW CAR!! And a sweet mini van at that! I vowed never to get a mini van, but I have a feeling I'll be breaking that vow in a few years! ;)

Oh... and I wish my name started with 'L' because Last Minute Lisa sounds way cuter than Last Minute Taylor. lol

Thanks for making my birthday such a special day!