Saturday, January 9, 2010

Postcards from My Sickbed

Hello my wonderful friends! I'm finally rising again from my sickbed... I relapsed yesterday (ugh) I'm hoping it sticks this time. I've received so many kind emails and comments... and prayers... which I want to thank you for, very sincerely. I've been a miserable wreck this week, and it helps so much to know I have friends who care!

I'm hoping to make it back into my craft room later today. Wish me luck! And I pray that none of you are hit with this stomach flu bug. It's a very painful one and not quick to kick.

I'll be back in the saddle again soon. Thanks for caring!


Anonymous said...

I came looking for you when I did not see your TE entry. I knew something was wrong. :o) I hope you are feeling better. I have a bug to,o but it is a head cold, never as bad as the stomach flu. Feel better soon.

peggysue said...

You're not allowed to be sick . . . we are all counting on lovely eye candy from you to drool over (and then we have to wipe our computer screens.) I truly hope it is gone, gone, gone and that stomach bug is far away. But not so far that it comes knocking at my door. Glad you're at least able to look at a computer again.

1LuvnMama said...

Praying for a speedy recovery! Want to see you get back into the swing of things and pump out those amazing creations! HUGS to you Sweetie! :)

Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness Lisa - get well soon - that has got to be the worst!! Prayers and BIG hugs (from a distance hehe!)!!

Sammi said...

Oh no! sorry to hear you are sick! Praying for strength and healing!

Kimberly S said...

Hope you're back to feeling 100% again soon Lisa! :)

Debbie Pamment said...

A relapse!!!! Sooooo NOT allowed!!!! You poor poor thing! Take care dear friend - maybe my cyber hugs got lost on the way over the BIG POND and that's why you're not better - am sending more now!
Lotsaluv lovely lady - wish I could be there to hand you some hot chicken soup!

Tanya Rudd said...

Wishing you well Lisa.

Patti J said...

Wish I lived closer - I'd spoil you rotten! Hope you get better soon. I've not been on line too much this week, and didn't realize that you were still (again) ailing. You know that you are always in my prayers! I heart you, dear friend. Don't rush back into your girl cave until you are really ready - we'll be patient! Ginormous hugs and well wishes.

craft_princess said...

We are all thinking about you! Take it easy!

Best wishes!