Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

I shared several cards I received from dear friends for my birthday in the post entitled The 11th Anniversary of my 39th Birthday. Since then, I've received even more. Am I blessed or what??

From Desiree McAllister
(no blog...yet!)

From Sarah Sharp-Aten

Thank you ladies... and to my friends who sent me some awesome store-bought cards which were very funny... some perhaps not suitable for prime time (ha!)... and to my boys who bought me one of those Hallmark music cards. On the outside it says, "The world would be a better place if we all remembered who's really in charge." When you open it you hear Hail to the Chief! hahahahahahaha!!! That's exactly right: Happy Wife = Happy Life!!! I'm going to keep it and play it for them whenever they forget. Which is, like, every day. Ha!

Hopefully this weekend I'll get pictures from our day at Disneyland uploaded and can share a few with you. Until then, have a wonderful day!!!


Kristine said...

Heeheee... your boys sure know how to pick em huh?!! :) Funny. What beautiful cards you've received from some stamping friends Lisa!! Can't wait to see those Disneyland pictures :) Have a wonderful Thursday!! HUGS!

Patti J said...

Hey there Chief Lisa - you have some great family and friends! So glad that you had a nice 39th again! Will be watching for your Disney pics! Hugs!

Lori said...

I am loving your blog and all of the beautiful cards you make and receive. Thanks again for helping me hook up.

Would you please ask Ms. Sharp-Aten who makes the little stamp she used? Is it one of those little individual ones?

Thanks Lori

Moni said...

Beautiful cards you have received! hugs,Moni

Stamp and Smile said...

Lucky, Lucky you Lisa! These cards are "fantastic"... and so full of joy, love, and birthday wishes! It's great celebrating birthdays a few days longer... we feel SO special!! :)

You are the sweets of life!!