Thursday, October 29, 2009

Postcards from the Edge... I Mean the Freeway

Hello my friends! Due to lack of time for crafting this week because I'm commuting 3 to 3 1/2 hours every day to and from a class related to my work, I have no card to share with you today... but I do have some information you might find interesting!

First of all, today is FREE DIGI day at Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps! And wait until you see the new digi stamps being released today: Sweet Cocoa and Hot Cocoa Sentiments . OMGoodness, they are a must-have! Too cute for words!

And if you LOVE digis, and want to join a wonderful design team of Christian women, you'll want to apply for a spot on the new SNSS Digi Design Team. Details are on the new Sweet 'n Sassy Digis Blog!

If that's not enough excitement, you also have a chance to win the entire first release of the new Sunbeams being released for pre-order on November 1st. It's all about the blinky, so click on over to Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps blog for the details on how to win and what else is in store in celebration of Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps' 2nd Birthday! We're kicking things off with a Blog Hop on Sunday... the details are on my side bar.

And if that weren't enough, there are a ton of stamp sets on sale for 70% off! Yes, you read that correctly... 70% off! Like my husband Paul would say, the more you spend, the more you save!

Before you go shopping, I'll leave you with a few thoughts about my experience this week commuting in the infamous California traffic:

  • You have to leave way too early. Because the time hasn't yet changed, it's still dark when I leave. Yesterday, I got in my car, cranked her up, buckled my seatbelt, checked the mirrors, arranged my purse so that I could reach it, put my cell phone in the cup holder (no worries, I have Bluetooth), shifted into reverse, pulled out of the driveway and headed out. I thought to myself, wow, it sure is dark! Even my headlights seemed rather dim. It took a few minutes before I realized I had my sunglasses on!
  • I can drive through Starbucks at the entrance to the freeway, and by the time I reach the traffic jam (which occurs with or without an's quite simply a bottleneck where two major freeways merge), my oatmeal is ready to eat, and I have just enough time at 5 mph to eat it all.
  • The news repeats itself at least four times during the trip.
  • Motorcyclists are nuts, and may have a death wish.
  • Apparently the posted speed limit is just a suggestion once the traffic breaks up.
  • Thank goodness I don't commute to work because then I'd never have time to stamp!
I hope you have a traffic-free day!


Patti J said...

Wowzers, girl... I have been in that traffic, and I can vouch!!! Icky! Glad that you are okay, and will be happy for you when this training week is over! Hang in there dear girl, and be careful! Good luck with the last day of your class!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I'm sorry that you haven't had time to stamp, but enjoyed your postcard from the edge. I sympathize about the commuting. I did it every day for a number of years before I became an at-home mom. It's definitely nothing I'd like to go back to. My prayers are with you for getting safely through your class and the commute!

Stamp and Smile said...

OK, I sure don't envy you on your 3 1/2 hour commute! WOW, I lived in the Twin Cities area for 5 years, but I know that's not nothing to what you deal with! Hope the classes don't take all your time up this week, WE NEED TO SEE CARDS!! Please... :)

Thanks for sharing all the blog land info... you take great care of us! Is the heat still on? We have rain for the 2nd day in a row. Tomorrow a chance of snow! Burr baby!! SMILES and Hugs from Minnesota!

peggysue said...

Ugh, ugh and ugh at that commute to your class. Hope the class is not a long term one! And the sunglasses . . . made me laugh. Sounds so like something I would do.

Kristine said...

ROTFL... I'm still laughing at the sunglasses comment! LOL!!! THAT's totally ME!!! Looking all over for them when I've put them up on my head! Oh goodness... well, I HATE traffic and don't envy you AT ALL there, but at least you get to eat your oatmeal! :) I usually am in a rush and don't eat breakfast :(

Good luck tomorrow - I'm guessing that's when your big EXAM will be?! Love and Hugs!

Rose said...

LOL you painted the perfect pitcher of calif traffic !! that is why my dh decided to move to my small town from instead of staying in the la area when we married. oh and he is one of those motorcycle drivers that cut lanes :0) scares me to death!!

Crystal said...

Friday's here and hopefully by now your exam is over and you're celebrating... woo hoo ! I'm happy you don't have to commute to work because then we would never get to see your gorgeous creations ! This one is adorable ... love the colors !