Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Very Special Blog Award

Since I'm on the road, I have no cards to share today, but rather something else that is very special and important to me. I received this awesome blog award from my dear friend and BBFF (Best Blogging Friend Forever) Kristine Breach. Kristine and I became friends because of our mutual love for the Lord. I saw a post on her blog in which she asked for prayers for a loved one, I replied back, and the rest, as they say, is history! She is a very special friend and blessing to me, that is for sure. So thank you Kristine for honoring me with this award. It means so much!

Without a doubt, I'd pass this award to Kristine. But now it's my turn to pass it along to others. I'm sure some of these ladies have already received this award, but I want to make sure they are all recognized... they are my sisters in Christ with whom I serve on the Design Team for Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps. I'm so blessed to be a part of this group, you have no idea. I recently sent a prayer and RAK request to them for a dear friend who is battling cancer, and they immediately jumped at the chance to lift my friend up in prayer and send her cards to encourage and strengthen her spiritually.

So, this is for you, ladies: Janette Olen, Shannon Pankow, Nancy Brown, Courtney Fowler, Jeanette Comerford, Lorie Souther, Connie Babbert, Sandy Domelle. Suzy Haghighi, Teresa Kline, Deedee Anderson, Leah Cornelius, Belinda Chang, Chris Dickenson, Ceal Pritchett, and last, but certainly not least, our own Korin Sutherland.

And can I say what a talented group this is? I'm bowled over every time I see their creations.

I would also like to pass this award to another BBFF Patti J. If you visit her blog, you'll know why!

Okay, the troops (i.e., Paul, Avery and my MIL) are anxiously waiting for me to get off the computer and get ready to go shop for a new recliner. I'm going to have to talk them into stopping at a craft store along the way...

Have a blessed Sunday!


Patti J. said...

Lisa, You are such a blessing to me. I'm glad you can't see me now, because I'm a blubbering fool! The timing for this is so incredible... Thanks so much for your friendship. I thank God every day for bringing you into my life, and that we have a long and wonderful friendship. Take care, my friend, and thank you so much.

Debbie Pamment said...

A well deserved award for such a loving and caring person - your goodness shines through everyday!

Heather said...

Hi Lisa,

Well I am sorry I have not been around much lately as I seem to have had very little blogging time, but I have some time today and wanted to come by!!!

You so deserve this award Lisa you are the sweetest person and your comments always bring a smile to my face!!

I love your spirit and your love for the Lord which I am sure makes your spirit so pretty to behold!!!

Great Lady to recieve such a great award!!!


Stamp and Smile said...

You are always SO sweet Lisa and TRULY deserve this award!! I just admire your genuine spirit for life and sharing your love for all things in this blessed world!! God tests us, but we take it as a challenge... you now how to pick a person up and put a SMILE ON!!

Con'grats again and warm hugs to you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks you for the honor of this award Lisa. You are a sweetheart. You are very deserving of it yourself. Many, many blessings to you :)!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, congratulations on your award, and thank you for your generosity in sharing it with me. May the Lord bless and keep you!!

Sara said...

Congrats Lisa! You are truly deserving of this award -- you always let your light shine in so many wonderful ways! Thanks for sharing your light with me!

Love and Prayers to You Always!!