Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Finally, a Moment to Blog!

Hello everyone! Has anyone missed me? Yes, it's been forever... okay, 19 days... since I last posted on my blog. It's been a pretty crazy time. Nothing bad, just busy.

First, the day after Halloween, the boys and I went to San Diego Zoo to celebrate Avery's 12th birthday (seen here with some of his souvenirs). We sure had fun. San Diego Zoo is beautiful, and the weather that day was perfect. We got lucky and got a pretty good look at several animals. This was especially fun for Avery since he LOVES animals. He watches Animal Plant and Discovery Channel regularly (and has Planet Earth on DVD). He told us a lot of facts about the animals as we went along. He admitted that he learned some of it from watching Go Diego Go, so I guess cartoons aren't all that bad!

Here are some of the animals that were the highlight of our day: This brown bear, who is so dark they named him Blackie, looked an awful lot like he was hungry and wanted to jump over the moat and the fence and have one of us for dinner!

The pandas were especially wonderful to see. We were lucky that they were out and active. To the left is a mama playing with her baby. They had the crowd enthralled. The guy on the right was just content to sit and munch on bamboo.

We spent a lot of time watching the gorillas. A bunch of them, including the alpha male, were hanging around outside the door through which they must be fed. While the big male waited patiently (he's been there a looooong time and is apparently well familiar with the routine), a couple of the others kept walking up to the door and slapping their hands above it, as if to say "hey, we're hungry out here, hurry up!" I wanted to wait until they finally opened that door, but some of the kids got tired after about half an hour of watching them and we moved on.

Blogger doesn't like it when you upload too many pictures... it's very hard to manipulate... so I'm going to call this post good for now and will be back soon with more news and some new cards!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Anonymous said...

What a great way to spend Avery's birthday, especially since he is so into the animals and knows a lot of facts about them! The pictures are great...I heard that the San Diego Zoo is one of the best! I hope Avery had a wonderful birthday!!