Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yikes, I Was Bitten by a Virus!

A computer virus, that is. Actually, I think technically it is riskware. All I know is it took over my computer. It's called Antivirus XP 2008. My DH unleashed the beast on Wednesday afternoon. He had to go into hiding for a couple of days because I was pretty upset! (LOL) My son Collin and I tried several things in a failed effort to clean it out ourselves, but I finally had to take it into a local computer place. It will be ready no later than Wednesday. In the meantime, I'm using Collin's computer. He's basically sitting on his bed right now, playing a video game, and repeatedly asking me how much longer I'll be on his computer (and making other snidely comments about how goofy and weird I am as he occasionally glances over to see what I'm up to... where does he get that idea?). I told him I might camp out here all night. Ha!

So, I will be back to post some cards soon, hopefully on Wednesday. Since I've also hit the 1000 mark in visits to my blog (thanks everyone!), I will cook up some BLOG CANDY. So be sure to check back for a chance to win some cool prizes.

Note to self: buy a hard drive and get all pictures and important documents off of the computer! (At least they will all be okay, not gobbled up by the malware and riskware, but this sure gave me a wake-up call!)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

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